Catching Words Pop Up to mark National Poetry Day

To mark National Poetry Day on 4 November, Nic Gear has created his pop up installation ‘Catching Words’ in our second floor gallery. It’s been here since Saturday 29 September and will stay until this coming Saturday, 6 October. We’re loving having it in this space and as well as being visually impressive, there’s plenty of layers of meaning to it … which we also like BUT ultimately we’d love as many of you to come along and just take what you take from it. Stunning! Thanks Nic for letting it be homed here for a while.

For those of you that would like to know a little more about Nics installation … read below.

The ‘Catching Words’ installation artwork features oak galls collected during Nic Gears walks in Nottinghamshire along with text from the poet William Wordsworth’s work ‘The Prelude’. The oak galls have a high tannin content and so were used in making hand made writing ink before industrially manufactured ink was produced. Our key historical documents such as the Magna Carta, through to the writings of Wordsworth, all used the oak gall ink, and thus provide a material link in ‘Catching Word’s between our present and the past.

First shown at the Wordsworth Museum, Grasmere, 2015

Nic Gears Exhibition ‘Navigating Edgelands’ is also showing in our Case Gallery until 13 October.