Dutch artist Martin Brandsma has created an entire series of work, focusing on this single bird, scarcely seen: the Great Grey Shrike.

Brandsma’s fascination with the Shrike has extended to studies of their feeding, their rituals, their sounds, to his own empathetic performance in Lapland, with eyes painted black like a Shrike, leaping into a tree and chattering like the bird, alert to signs of prey, peering over landscape.

His “identities” collection features 152 different morphological drawings of the Shrike, to highlight their differences, both from a scientific standpoint and as unique, individual birds. He devised this systematic , minutely observed drawing method to enable a detailed record of presences relating to bar codes and DNA profiles because, he says, “our identity is nowadays increasingly constructed and registered on the basis of printing, bar codes and biometrics.”

Martin will be exhibiting at Gallery Steel Rooms as part of Bird after Bird, 3rd March – 28th April 2018.

Some of his books will be available through our online shop.