A Case for Place is an interdisciplinary place-based project exhibiting work by artists, writers and composers with the support of the creative practice-led research group, Land2.

The programme includes seven exhibitions with five one-person shows under the title Way-making available to early career and emerging artists who are establishing a practice concerned with subject-matter as broad as mapping, topography, geology and informed interpretations of landscape, along with a series of professional development opportunities for artists.

A Case for Place launches with a group show which showcases the diversity of approaches to landscape and place-based work by visual artists, poets and composers. In partnership with the creative practice-led research group, Land2, we are also planning to provide a series of one-person shows for early career artists and a programme of workshops and professional development activities funded by the Arts Council England.

The first group show launching the project includes work by David Ainley, Jake Attree, David Walker Barker, Iain Biggs, Sian Bonnell, Filippa Dobson, Linda Ingham, Janette Kerr, Jane Millar, Rob Moore, David Power, Melanie Rose, George Rowlett, Harriet Tarlo and Judith Tucker. The majority of the artists have responded to an invitation to occupy a metre of space with their work responding to the nature of ‘place’. We are pleased to be joined for the catalogue by writer Brian Lewis, whose essay sets the scene and the pace for the catalogue.

The exhibition runs from 12th May – 23 June. (Image: David Walker Barker)

For further details of this exhibition, visit our ‘Exhibitions & Opportunities’ page.

The second group show which closes the project includes work by the five selected Way-making artists as well as an additional five artists at similar stages in their career.

We look forward to welcoming artists and audience to what promises to be a wonderful opportunity to show work about the world where we live.

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